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Top 5 dangers

1. Employees seem to be willing to sell Corporate Access or use/leak confidential company data/information source: 27-03-2017
The C-Level of organizations need to be aware of the risks when an employee leaves their company. If you know that an employee leaves the company in a month, will you still share confidential information with that employee? Or will you instantly revoke his access to the source code repository to avoid data leaks?Which security measures does your organization have in place? Did you implement a file system auditing tool? What about 2F-authentication?

2. The IoT is reaching critical mass. Roughly 3,700 DDoS attacks per day. The cost to an organization can range anywhere from $14.000 to $2.35 million per incident. Criminals make 95% profit on DDoS source: 27-03-2017
It is estimated that there will be 24 billion connected IoT devices by 2020. Instead of trying to keep mitigating the attacks, we should focus on the source. A global security standard need to be developed for IoT devices. Selling IoT devices with the same default password just isn’t smart.

3. New Cross-platform (Windows or Mac OS X) malware pops up source: 25-03-2017

4. Local Windows Admin can easily HIJACK other user sessions without the need of credentials source: 20-03-2017

5. Newly discovered attack called DNSMessenger (Fileless Malware). A new RAT that uses DNS queries to execute malicious PowerShell commands source : 27-03-2017

Top 5 recent hacks, leaks and attacks

1. Hackers are blackmailing Apple. If Apple doesn’t pay the ransom before 7th of April, 2017 then the hackers will remotely wipe 300 Million iPhones worldwide. How will Apple act? source: 21-03-2017

2. Your Gift Cards aren’t save anymore. A GiftGhostBot tries to steal 1.7 Million card numbers in an hour. You might want to check your Gift Card Balance source: 24-03-2017

3. Third-party App “Twitter Counter” hacked. Hundreds of high-profile accounts have been hijacked and abused. A lot of tweets did appear with Turkish Flags and Nazi-references toward different countries source: 15-03-2017

4. WikiLeaks: Classified documents been leaked regarding the usage of IPhone/Macbook-hacking tools by the CIA source: 24-03-2017

5. 25 vBulletin Forums hacked. Millions of accounts are being sold on the dark web source: 27-02-2017