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Top 5 dangers

1. DoublePulsar backdoor in Windows (Server)-editions. DoublePulsar allows exploitation of RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) and SMB (Server Message Block) Code Execution Vulnerabilities using publicly available exploit tools such as FUZZBUNCH and Metasploit Framework. After a computer has been compromised, the malware remains stealthy hidden in memory until reboot. The backdoor enables a threat agent to launch additional attacks on the system and inject persistent code into existing services, making it very difficult detect and mitigate the threat • source: ,,

>> It is important to check and patch your Windows Servers! A detection script could be used. Instructions:

2. Be careful with downloading Android Apps from the Play-store. Many apps infected with different flavors of malware. Including the start of a botnet. Lately it seems rather easy to get around the basic automated security checks of Google. There is a severe rise of all kinds of malware hidden in Android applications. Google should start looking to alternatives. Implement a (new) publisher reputation system for example with more restrictions • source:,,

3. Microsoft did reveal their data collection practices from your Windows 10 device. They collect more than pleased. In the settings you could only choose between full or basic- information sharing. Even the basic option does collect a lot of information. It is possible to disable everything with a tool. It is called O&O ShutUp 10 • source:

4. 4-Digits Smartphone user’s pin not safe anymore! Javascript phone hack uses sensors to steal PINs • source:

5. Mysterious Hajime IoT botnet is growing rapidly. It is stealthier and more advanced in comparison to Mirai. It uses P2P-network, which makes takedowns harder. Also the code is modular which enables adding new features to it • source:

Top 5 recent hacks, leaks and attacks

1. Hackers took control over the 156 emergency sirens in Dallas. The government in the Netherlands decided to remove the Dutch Air Raid in 2020 and also switch to a digital solution which is called NL-Alert. Many Dutch people are against this because of this type of dangers it brings. Infrastructures like this are not completely reliable and vulnerable for attacks source:

2. Chinese video service giant Youku hacked. Roughly 100 million accounts are now being sold on the Dark Web source:

3. InterContinental Hotels Group confirms second credit card breach impacting over more than 1000 hotels source:

4. Fileless malware used on Russian ATM’s. $800.000 gone in one night source:

5. Hacker leaks 10 out of 13 episodes from the new Season of the TV-series ‘Orange is the New Black’. He claims to have more new movies and series that are scheduled to be released this year. Netflix seems not willing to accept the extortion demand by the hacker source: